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I am a health coach and energy healing practitioner offering my wellness services for more than ten years. I help clients regain balance by aligning their body, mind and soul through health coaching and energy healing. I specialize in healing chronic diseases and all other physical, mental and emotional issues.

My Services

Physical Healing

Viral Infections, Bacterial Infections, Covid-19, Blood Pressure, Abdominal Inflammation Diseases like Celiac and Crohn’s, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Detox, Trauma, Fibromyalgia, Early-stage Cancer and, Brain, Blood & Organ Issues.


$111 USD/Hour

Mental Healing

Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, ADD, OCD, Insomnia, Stress, Over-thinking, etc. 




$111 USD/Hour


Emotional Healing

Grief, Irritability, Stress, Poor Self-esteem, Lack of Self-love, Abandonment, Rejection, etc.

$111 USD/Hour

Your Wellness Matters to me!

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Healing Coaching

Health Coaching applies the principles of integrative nutrition by considering all relevant areas of life affecting health. It is about empowering you to take responsibility for your health and all internal and external influences like career, nutrition, environment, physical activity, and more. Health Coaching can also help you to achieve your goals in having a mindful lifestyle.

I practice health coaching combined with ancient healing and integrative nutrition.  This allows me to help clients in all areas of their life. I am also the author of a book titled “Energy Healing”(Almahasneh, 2013).

Energy Healing

There is an invisible Life Force that is found in the body. It has been discovered by ancient Chinese, Iranian and Indian cultures, amongst others. This life force allows the person to find balance and be in a harmonious state of being. I apply some techniques to invoke your body, mind and spirit to allow it to heal itself in a safe, supportive and natural way.

Your body has energy centers, so I visualize them, cleanse them from negative energy (be it physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), and infuse them with healthy energy. There are many forms and tools I use to help clients. I use these methods either separately or in combination depending on your condition.

Happy Stories

I work with people who want to achieve physical, mental and emotional transformations to heal diseases in a natural way. I combine health coaching, i.e., nutrition, supplements, and herbal recommendations along with energy healing. I also offer clients a means of maintaining the necessary changes or achieve the results that they want than ever before!


What I found very unique about your approach is that you were willing and always ready to adapt the tools until you found the best that suited me.
I also appreciate the fact that you were continuously checking on me.
My healing journey will continue and I am still practicing those new powerful rituals as a way of life.
I definitely feel more grounded, far less anxious and much more in the flow.

Lina Nuqul

Paul Ch

Mahasen is a joy and a pleasure to work with. After every healing session I had with her, I felt a calming and profound impact on my internal self. I constantly experienced lightness and disconnectedness from daily concerns which plagued me prior to my sessions with her. She is extremely empathetic and kind, and will go to great lengths in helping and enabling one to be on the right path of healing and self-discovery.

Paul Choufani


Mahasen is very insightful, patient and helpful.  She found the physical, mental and emotional causes of my issues and deleted them all through distant energy healing. 

She also healed my husband, myself while I was pregnant from covid 19 safely and completely.

Ruba Kandalaft


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